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Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

(CICA Claims)


If you have been injured in a criminal attack in the UK, Naughtons Solicitors can take care of your legal requirements in pursuing a criminal injury claim for your injuries. We will pursue your criminal injury compensation through the (CICA), which is a government body created to compensate innocent victims of crime.


The effects of a criminal injury can be serious, with many victims suffering from lasting physical and psychological damage and distress. If you’ve been injured as a result of a criminal act, you may be entitled to compensation.


By working with you and the CICA, Naughtons can achieve appropriate criminal injuries compensation package for your losses. We will also advise you on benefits and payments available to you if you are left permanently or temporarily disabled or unable to work. The CICA enables you to make a successful claim even if an offender is not identified, caught or convicted.


Are you ready to talk to a solicitor about a CICA claim? We know it’s a big step but you have nothing to fear. All the advice we offer you is free and kept confidential. Call Naughtons today on 0191 500 60 50 or complete a call me back form and an expert solicitor will get back in touch.