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Thousands of people every year are effected by major head or spinal  injuries. Naughtons recognise that these serious injuries have a life-changing impact on you and your family. We are dedicated to assisting you secure all the support you will need, whether that be financial, physical or emotional.


Major head and spinal injuries are often the result of a road traffic accident, accidents at work, accidents in public places, assaults, and medical negligence. This can cause injuries such as multiple fractures, brain injury, spinal injury, amputations and fatal injuries.


Because of this, we will ensure that you receive the highest level of client care. We aim to maximize the amount of compensation you are able to recover for your injuries and the associated financial losses, including loss of earnings.


Whilst compensation is the long term solution for any injured person. Naughtons will help address your immediate needs such as:


•Medical Treatment

•Financial Assistance to fund day to day living expenses

•Equipment to help with movement and everyday functions

•Adaptations to your home or vehicle

•Nursing Care

•Interim payments to fund all needs


The aim of this specialist service is to ensure that you have the best possible quality of life following your injuries.

Head and Spinal Injuries

My name is Sean Naughton and I’m a partner at Naughtons Solicitors LLP. Firstly let me assure you that you have to come to the right place to gather further information after a major injury, whether that’s for yourself or a family member.


This area of law can be quite complex and emotional for you and your family. That’s why from the outset I provide each client with a personal, one-to-one service that is fully tailored to your specific circumstances, with home and hospital visits to alleviate any stress felt by you or your family. We will be upfront and honest and inform you if can pursue a No Win No Fee personal injury compensation claim and clearly explain the options to you, enabling you to make an informed choice that best suits your needs.


This will give us the opportunity to talk and assess your immediate needs and long term goals. With this in mind, I will fight to ensure you and your family will have the financial security you need for the future and provide advice on how to access benefits that are available to you.


I also work closely with medical, rehabilitation and care experts to fund and establish co-ordinated care needs, enabling you to make the best recovery possible.

Are you ready to talk to a solicitor about a Head or Spinal injury? We know it’s a big step but you have nothing to fear. We will give you free confidential advice. Call Sean at Naughtons today on 0191 500 60 50 or complete a call me back form and Inde will get back in touch.

Sean Naughton

“Inde was an absolute gem to me by helping me on my road to recovery. Naughtons are a fantastic bunch of people that are friendly and down to earth. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone”.

– Lynn Hamilton

A word from our client:

“Following my bus accident, I was left highly injured and unsure where to turn for help. I was recommended to use Naughtons and Inde was amazing with advice and guidance for physio and my recovery. His patience throughout the year was exemplary and I have now gained a friend for life not just a solicitor.”

- Randeep Singh

A word from our client: