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Many people can undergo hip replacement surgery and is a very common procedure in the UK and around the world. Most procedures go ahead without incidence, however occasionally something goes wrong, and can have some devastating consequences.


It is estimated that around 40,000 patients require hip revision surgery because of the failing metal hip implants.


Many are finding themselves in a worse position than before the surgery. Claiming compensation can help gain back loss of earnings, transport and in many cases; cost of care needs.

Many of the major metal hip implants have been recalled in recent years as 1 in 8 are failing. We urge anyone that has had a metal hip replacement in the last 10 years to get in touch to see if they have had one of the failing metal hip implants fitted.


The mainconcerns of the metal on metal hip implants is the fact that the metal rubs against itself which releases metal ions into the blood stream, this causes tissue damage, pain, swelling and difficulty moving.


Metel Hip replacement compensation can be worth tens of thousands of pounds, which is why we advise you get the best possible legal advice. We are experts in this area so trust us to get you justice.


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Metal on Metal Hip Replacements Claims

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