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Holiday Sickness

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to fall ill whilst on holiday, we can help you earn compensation on a no win, no fee basis.


Contracting an illness during what is supposed to be the highlight of the year can be an extremely traumatic experience. Nobody wants to spend their time off in hospital and it’s something that can easily ruin a holiday.


There are many potential causes of holiday illness and, whatever the symptoms, we may be able to help you make a compensation claim and give you the support you deserve.


We have a team of specialist solicitors in dealing with illness claims and have experience in the following areas:


Food poisoning

This is one of the most common contributors to holiday illness and can occur because of any of the following: reheated food, food served lukewarm, poorly cooked food, insects or animals contaminating food, ice made from tap water. Dangerous bacteria like salmonella, campylobacter, shigella, e-coli or giardia can all be contributors to food poisoning. We can win you the compensation you deserve on a no win, no fee basis if you have been the victim of food poisoning that was not your fault.


Illness as a result of poor hygiene

If you have become ill as a result of poor hygiene that has not met minimum health and safety requirements, we can win you compensation.


Bacterial infections from swimming pools

Swimming pools are another area where illnesses can be contracted, as chlorine-resistant bacteria can often be rife in this setting. Swallowing or being over-exposed to the water can cause sickness and infections. This is something that we can seek compensation for.


Helpful travelling advice

We have also put together some advice for travellers if you do get ill whilst abroad. This will increase our ability to obtain the maximum level of compensation for you:

  • Collect as much evidence as possible about the hygiene standards, the quality of food and the general cleanliness of your hotel and resort

  • Make a note of anyone else who is also ill

  • Make sure that your rep and hotel are aware of your illness during your stay and that you have witnesses of your condition

  • Obtain the relevant evidence from any doctors or nurses that you see. Ask for copies of all the forms you sign or are shownRecord your symptoms and discuss them with your doctor at home upon return


Following these guidelines will give us the best possible chance of winning you the compensation you deserve – after all, getting ill on holiday can be a distressing ordeal and we are committed to achieving the best possible results to make up for this.


If you have fallen ill, contracted any form of ailment or had an accident whilst on holiday, contact us for free on 0191 500 60 50 to arrange a discussion.  We’d like to hear from you.


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