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Industrial Disease


Industrial disease refers to an illness or condition that has developed after working in unsafe working conditions over time or exposure to a dangerous substance in the workplace.


Employers have a duty of care to their staff and are responsible for minimising workplace risks by as much as is humanly possible, by law. If risks are identified then employers must implement health and safety measures to prevent these risks from causing any injury. However, an employee or former employee can make an industrial disease claim if they contract an industrial disease because of their employer was neglecting their duty of care.


It’s important for people to come forward with their claim to help prevent other employees suffering also and to remind employers of their duty of care to protect their employees correctly.


We have experience of dealing with all types of industrial disease and have the right expertise to get you justice. Some examples include:

- Asbestoss related - People who worked with asbestos are prone to developing conditions such as asbestosis; pleural thickening and mesothelioma.

- Power tool use - Vibration White Finger through power tool use.

- Hearing Loss - Noise Induced Hearing Loss through loud noise exposure.


Naughtons Solicitors can help assess the impact on your health, as well as any future repercussions. We can then determine the potential costs of future health care and treatment, any equipment or medication that you may need, as well as accounting for any loss of earnings.


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