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If you have been involved in an accident and have suffered a personal injury, either physically or psychologically, you may have the legal right to obtain compensation for your injuries, loss of wages and other financial loses, even if the accident was partly your own fault.


Naughtons has built its reputation through personal injury work, so when it comes to making a personal injury claim - come to the experts. Our commitment to every client is to maximise compensation and make the claim process as quick and simple as possible.


Some of the types of personal injury cases we deal with:


- Road Traffic Accidents >

- Accidents at Work >

- Industrial Disease >

- Head and Spinal Injuries >

- CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authourity) >

- Slips, Trips & Falls >


Are you ready to talk to a solicitor about Personal Injury? We know it’s a big step but you have nothing to fear. We will give you free confidential advice. Call Naughtons today on 0191 500 60 50 or complete a call me back form and an expert solicitor will get back in touch.

Personal Injury

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