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Specialist areas of Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Slips, Trips & Falls


Slips, trip & Falls claims refer to an accident or personal injury suffered whilst on public property, which was not your fault.


The majority of compensation claims will be made against public liability insurance policies that companies and individuals, responsible for maintaining the public area, should have taken out. The purpose of the policy is to compensate members of the public for any injury they sustain whilst on the property caused by negligence.


Naughtons have helped 1000’s of clients with successful compensation claims that has helped pay for damaged equipment and personal belongings (include repairs), medical treatment costs and loss of earnings etc.  


Some of the most common types of personal injury cases we deal with:

• Injuries caused by dangerous footpaths or pavements, untreated ice and snow, pot holes, tree roots etc. Broken paving stones and defects in the road.

• Slips or Trips inside supermarkets, shopping centres, car parks etc.

• Injuries caused by sharp objects or objects falling from a height.

• Broken down fences or other obstructions to the highways or pavements including, litter and rubbish bags creating a tripping hazard in walking areas or badly parked vehicles on the roadway which may partially obstruct the pavement.


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