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It’s estimated that 25% of the UK population die without having a Will in place. Which means the law dictates how your assets will be dealt with. This can sometimes lead to surprising and unfortunate consequences.


As people we work as hard as we do to build a better life and provide for our family and loved ones. We take extra caution to protect our loved ones whether that be giving them our coat on cold day or holding their hand crossing the road. The fact is we take protecting ourselves and our loved ones very seriously. However we seem to forget that one day we will not be around to do that. That's why it's important to make a Will with Naughtons to guarantee that your property and possessions, that you have worked so hard for, is distributed in the way that you wish and to the  people you wish.


Click here to download a FREE copy of our Lets's Talk about Wills booklet which includes all the information you need to know about Wills and frequently asked questions.  

Click here to download a FREE copy of our Will instruction form which includes all the questions that you need to consider when writing a Will and will help us to gather all the relevant information when drafting your Will.  

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