Common reasons for Personal Injury claims

Personal injury claims are aimed at gaining compensation for victims of personal injury incidents, from the liable party. For many, even small incidents can have a big effect on their lives including loss of earnings, long-term physical damage, medical costs and psychological damage. But what kind of incidents can be processed as a personal injury claim?

In this blog we’ll discuss the most common reasons for processing a claim.

Road accidents

Whether you’re a pedestrian, driver or cyclist you may be able to make a personal injury claim if you were injured by another party including:

●Reckless driving

●Poor road maintenance

●Car malfunctions

For cyclists, pedestrians and bikers, it’s likely that the court will recognise the increased danger for these users, making them more vulnerable on the road. Other road users need to take care when driving near this group of people, if not, this could make a strong case for their personal injury claim.

Medical negligence

When you’re in need of medical treatment such as replacing a tooth, you put your trust in the work of a professional. However, sometimes things can go wrong and this can cause long-term health complications and additional costs to rectify the problem. Medical negligence also includes:

●Failure to diagnose a condition


●Hospital infection

●Administering the wrong drugs

●Errors during surgery

You may also be able to claim medical negligence if an existing condition has become worse due to poor medical care.

Public slips, trips and falls

Tripping over uneven pavement or slipping on surfaces that do not have a wet floor sign can leave you with a range of injuries. Broken bones and torn ligaments, for example, could leave you needing time off work and rehabilitation, all down to improper public maintenance and health and safety. Public slips, trips and falls generally happen when the council or businesses haven’t taken the correct measures, so if you experience an accident you could be entitled to compensation.

Here at Naughton Solicitors we’re experts in personal injury claims , for those living in Sunderland. Our team has experience handling a range of case big or small, doing all they can to gain compensation for your incident. Whether you’re living with long-term effects or your period of recovery has left you out of pocket, we can help. Get in touch for more information today, and take the first step in processing your claim.

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