How to avoid getting sick on holiday

Travelling to another country is exciting, exploring the sights, sunbathing on the beach or taking a dip in the hotel pool are the highlights of many peoples year. But, imagine if your holiday was ruined by you or your member family getting sick. Luckily there are some practical ways that you can reduce your chances of illness, read on to learn more.

Don’t drink the water

One of the most common reasons that holidaymakers get ill is down to the water. While most of us know the risks of drinking foreign water, this doesn’t always stop us doing so and the consequences can be serious. The reason why travellers can get ill from unfamiliar water is due to the pathogens that live within it. Since locals have adapted to the water they can drink it without any problem, however travellers can experience problems with their immune system as it isn’t used to these changes. There is also a danger of drinking water that contains water-borne bacteria such as cholera and salmonella. To stay on the safe side always stick to bottled water, try not to swallow any water while in the shower and avoid having ice cube in your drinks.

Be careful with food

One of the biggest risks you may take, in terms of food on holiday, is eating the food provided by a hotel. If the restaurant is preparing and serving food in the wrong way this can have a serious effect on the health of those consuming it. Meat and seafood are one food group you should pay particular attention to as raw, undercooked or meat that’s been left out for too long can result in food poisoning or more severe illnesses. If you think something looks a little off, never take the risk, instead, inform the restaurant and eat elsewhere. You may be able to get an idea of a hotel’s cleanliness by reading their reviews before you book, while these shouldn’t be the deciding factor in your decision if the same feedback is coming up then it’s definitely something to consider.

Get insured

You should always arrange travel insurance when travelling abroad, to cover you in worst case scenarios such as losing your luggage or missing a flight. However, insurance can also cover your medical expenses if you fall ill. If you’re experiencing symptoms such as sickness and diarrhea, you may be put off going to the doctor or the nearest medical centre due to fear of high costs – America, for example, is renowned for its expensive medical system. But, if you get insured, this could potentially stop you from getting seriously ill, so you can get help and advice sooner and receive appropriate care for your symptoms.

Unfortunately, sometimes holiday sickness is unavoidable, no matter how careful you are and when this happens you may be entitled to a holiday sickness claim. Whether you’ve needed time off work or paid expensive medical bills, our team at Naughton Solicitors can help. Get in touch for more information.

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