Mini guide to keeping yourself healthy on holiday

Holidays are the time for rest and relaxation – whether you are jetting off to some sun-soaked isle in the Mediterranean, a far-flung adventurous destination like America or South East Asia, or you are having a staycation in Cornwall, the last thing you want on holiday is to get ill. So, with this in mind, we have put together a mini guide to keeping your body and mind healthy whilst you are away.

Take medications with you

This may seem obvious, but it is imperative that you take all prescription medications with you whilst you are away. According to the NHS, your GP can prescribe you an extra supply of medication if you have a long term health condition. If you aren’t on prescription medication, make sure to stock up and pack a clear plastic bag of over the counter medications for a makeshift first aid kit. This can include, painkillers, plasters, cold and flu medications, antiseptic creams and antihistamines. Make sure that you check with your countries embassy in advance before you travel as to whether they prohibit certain medications. And, if you are concerned, see your doctor at least two months before your travel date.

Maintain a balanced diet

This one will also seem obvious – it can be tempting to go overboard when on holiday such as drinking plenty of alcohol and eating delicious but highly saturated fatty foods and, whilst we encourage that you enjoy yourself, don’t over-consume that you end up making yourself ill in the process. Make sure to keep yourself well hydrated as well as eating plenty of fruit and vegetables. Why not take multivitamins with you so your immune system doesn’t suffer? Having a poor immune system will mean that you are more susceptible to infections and viruses whilst abroad.

Keep up to date with your vaccines

Often when travelling abroad to a long haul destination like South East Asia or India, you will need to get extra vaccinations. Make sure to book in with your doctor or local travel clinic months in advance to get this done. Furthermore, make sure you’re up-to-date with other vaccinations that you had when you were born.

Get health insurance

Before you go away, it is vital that you get health insurance coverage. This is because, if you do find yourself in the hospital, you may be subjected to extra costs. Make sure to declare pre-existing health conditions to avoid a stressful holiday experience.Unfortunately, if you get ill whilst you are abroad from food poisoning, poor hygiene from accommodation or bacterial infection from a swimming pool – then you could be entitled to compensation. Here at Naughton’s Solicitors, our specialist holiday sickness solicitors can help you get the justice you deserve – contact our legal experts today.

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