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Many people don’t realise that they need a will until it is too late. Our team can save you the worry with our wills & probate service.

Expert Will Writing Services

Being in possession of an up to date Will is important for every adult in the UK as it is the simplest way to legally document what happens to both your family and your assets once you pass away. Without a Will in place, your estate will be subject to the laws of the United Kingdom which will dictate how your estate is divided up.

Here at Naughtons Solicitors we are capable of providing you with the advice that you need to draft a Will that is both accurate and legal binding, guaranteeing that your wishes will be respected in the event of your death. If you don’t currently have a will in place, call us today to seek the advice of our team of legal professionals.

Specialist Probate Services

Probate is a legal document which grants a person authority to deal with the estate of a person who has died. A grant of probate may be required to access bank accounts, sell or transfer assets or pay any debts after someone has died.

Here at Naughtons Solicitors we understand that dealing with the death of a loved one is a difficult and upsetting time. At Naughtons Solicitors we are able to take away the stress of dealing with financial matters and legal correspondence. During this difficult time our probate solicitors are trained to deal with your matter in a timely, sensitive and professional manner and provide advice and support for estates of all sizes.

Check out some of our frequently asked probate questions below.

In England and Wales there is no time limits for applying for probate or settling an estate.

The timescale for valuing an estate depends on the size and complexity of the estate and how quickly third parties, such as banks respond.

You will usually get the grant of probate or letters of administration within 16 weeks from the date of submitting the application, after the estate has been valued. However, it can take longer if you need to provide additional information.

Once probate is received, accounts held by the deceased can be closed and the estate can be distributed in accordance with any Will left by the Deceased or under Intestacy Rules As set out in the Inheritance and Trustees’ Power Act 2014.

Settling an estate can approximately take 9-12 months. However, this may take longer depending on the size and complexity of the estate and whether there is property to sell, complex tax affairs or complications regarding personal representatives and/or beneficiaries of the estate.

There is no time limit to submit an Inheritance Tax form where no inheritance tax is payable. However, where Inheritance Tax is payable, the amount owed must be paid within 6 months of the death. If the 6 month deadline is not met, there could potentially be additional charges.

If someone would like to make a claim against a deceased persons estate, the claim must be made within 6 months from the grant being issued.

Your representative is Terri Leigh who is a Partner and she is assisted by Amy Linton who is a Trainee Solicitor.

Sean Naughton, Senior Partner at this firm, is the supervisor and has overall responsibility for your matter.

Why Our Clients Use Us

The process of writing a Will itself is straightforward and allows you to specify your wishes for your funeral proceedings in addition to who is to inherit the assets you own. What is more difficult is making sure that your Will is explicit in its language to remove any ambiguity and to ensure the Will is legally compliant – this is what our team do for people in the local area.

You can also factor in the points below.


We have over 14 years experience working in the industry.


You can expect a personal service, with a direct line to the person you're dealing with.


We are recognised and trusted by both our clients and partners.


We like to give back and are well known within the community.

What Our Clients Say

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service for all of our clients. Check out what some of them had to say about working with us below.

Walter Barlett
Verified Review
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Hi I would like to thank Claire Assadi for all her help and support through a very difficult time, but in the end this remarkable lady came through and believed in me .without her help I probably would have let it go. Naughtons you have a treasure. Many thanks again.
Kellie Smith
Verified Review
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I would like to thank Claire for all her hard work and dedication. It wouldn’t have been possible without your help and knowledge. It’s been a pleasure and thank you once again.
Hollie Goodman
Verified Review
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Excellent, friendly team keep you up to date with any new information, which keeps you reassured there's someone on your side, thank you for all your hard work.
Imogen Mary Thomas
Verified Review
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I was recommended by a friend to use Naughtons Solicitors after being involved in a car accident. I found Naughtons extremely professional and accommodating, they were a pleasure to deal with. They respected my privacy and made the whole process stress-free. I would recommend Naughtons Solicitors with confidence to everyone.
Makita H
Verified Review
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Claire and her team have been amazing throughout the whole process whilst making it completely stress free for myself. Every challenge that the defendants threw at her she overcame with her professionalism, knowledge and persistence which resulted in a successful win. Thank you again for all of your efforts. I couldn’t recommend you and your team enough.
Esther B
Verified Review
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Naughtons solicitors done a great job on my compensation claim, the correspondence with me was great. everything that was happening along the way they emailed me or if I had any questions I needed answering they were there. I would highly recommend this company if you need help with anything.
Ashley M
Verified Review
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Seriously cannot fault anything with Naughtons. They were very helpful and supportive throughout helping my mum with her claim. Thank you.

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