The benefits of using an expert solicitor

The legal world isn’t particularly well known for being easy to access. Whether you’re looking to enter the property market or solve an emotionally taxing family dispute, the law processes involved can be extremely hard to both understand and navigate for the uninitiated. Luckily, there are those of us who spend years learning the intricacies of the legal world, allowing them to specialise in supporting individuals’ legal cases and maximising the chance of a positive result.

Solicitors hold an important role in society, supporting those and giving a voice to people in need of legal aid. It’s likely that we’ll need the help of a solicitor at some point in our lives, yet, you might be asking how the expertise of a lawyer can actually help you with your legal issues.

Aside from the obvious skills in their chosen legal field, an expert solicitor can offer you a range of benefits when helping you with your case. With this in mind, we at Naughton’s Solicitors have put together a handy guide as to why you need a legal professional legal representative for your next case.

What exactly is a solicitor?

Solicitors play an important part in the legal environment and are distinct from other occupations in the field such as barristers. Solicitors essentially offer their in-depth knowledge and expertise to guide their clients on the next steps to take with their case.

They also do a significant amount of the heavy-lifting work for the case they are working on, carrying out research, drafting legal documents and even representing their clients in court. It is not uncommon to see a team of solicitors offer their clients legal advice for a range of cases, with anything from writing a will to employment law claims; if you need help with your case, a solicitor is on hand to help you.

The expertise

When it comes to navigating one’s legal needs, the allure of going it alone can be a tempting prospect. Not having to spend any fees on a solicitor may seem like a great money saver and it can’t be that hard to fight your legal corner, right?

To put a solicitor’s training and expertise into numbers, for one to become a fully qualified lawyer, they must spend around six years in both a research and work environment. This usually includes studying at a degree level followed by spending time working on a training contract with a law firm.

This time-frame is essential due to the intellectually challenging and time-consuming nature of working in the gruelling arena of the legal world. Because of this, your chosen solicitor will already have a very deep understanding of both the legal field in which they’ve chosen to work in and will have likely had cases similar to yours. With this in mind, it is in your best interests to have this wealth of experience at your disposal, especially if you’re in the midst of a legal confrontation with someone who may have their own solicitor.

Finally, it should also be noted that, by going it alone, any decision you make could be tainted by your own emotional connection to the case at hand. A solicitor, on the other hand, will be able to guide you with an unbiased decision, ensuring that your case is lead by facts and research rather than emotion.

Understanding and supportive

As you can see, traversing the world of litigation, no matter what the reason, is going to be a difficult process. It can be infinitely more difficult if your specific case is an emotionally charged one.

Situations such as family disputes, medical negligence and writing a will can be very upsetting times for all of those involved which is why having a supportive and caring voice during discourse can really pay dividends.

A solicitor will likely have dealt with cases extremely similar to yours and can be a vital emotional support line for their clients, offering both an understanding, yet authoritative voice to give you the peace of mind that is essential during what can be an extremely tumultuous time.

Stopping problems in their tracks

When it comes to legal issues, we’d all much rather have the problem sorted before it has the chance to spiral into something much more stressful and time-consuming. Thankfully, not all legal issues have to be taken through the courts and sometimes, having a professional voice to advise you can help to downgrade what could be a costly spell of litigation into a more amicable settlement.

What to look for in a quality solicitor

Of course, although hiring a solicitor is a great way to ensure that your case returns with a positive result, it is equally important to enlist the help of a quality solicitor. With this in mind, here are a few factors to keep in mind when looking for a great solicitor:

– Reputation: A glowing review can go a long way in the world of soliciting so it is essential to carry out some preliminary research beforehand. If you’re looking in your local area, consider asking friends and family who may have enlisted their services previously. If not, online reviews can be helpful in painting a picture of a law firm. 

– Accreditation: The world of litigation is a rigorously monitored industry, with multiple governing bodies such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority ensuring that all solicitors are qualified and working within the remit of the law. If your chosen solicitor does not seem properly accredited, this is a major red flag. 

– Passionate about your case: When presenting your case to a solicitor, you will want to feel valued and understood by them, especially if your case is of a sensitive nature. With this in mind, a solicitor should always be able to put their skills to use for your case, ensuring that the best outcome possible is met at the end of it. If you feel as though your case is being left by the wayside, it may be time to look elsewhere. 

– Visit them: Nothing quite beats meeting your prospective solicitor for a chat in order to decide whether you would like them to take your case. Sitting with them and gaining a more in-depth understanding of how they will pursue your case can give you the peace of mind you need that your legal issues are in the right hands. 

From personal injury to family law , Naughton’s Solicitors are here to help

A quality solicitor can make what can seem like an insurmountable legal task seem significantly easier so make sure that you’re working with the best. At Naughton’s Solicitors, we have been offering countless clients our expert legal advice in Seaham and beyond.

With nearly a decade working with clients on their legal issues, we pride ourselves on taking an understanding and caring approach to your case. We offer a comprehensive list of legal services, from expert advice from our divorce lawyers to wills and probate, our team of licenced and trained solicitors are on hand to ensure you get the best result.If you’re looking for the best solicitors in County Durham, look no further than Naughton’s Solicitors. For more information on our range of legal services, please do get in touch with a member of our team on (0191) 500 6050 or visit our website.

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